Up coming dates 2018

28th Sept - School term ends

31st Sept - AGM 1pm at Club rooms

16th Oct - Putaruru Promotion day Glenshea 4pm to 6pm

17th Oct - Tokoroa Promotion day Cricket club 4pm to 6pm

6th Oct - Waikato Valley Cricket T20 starts

15th Oct - 4th School term starts

17th Oct - Rotorua promotion day 3:30pm to 6pm Smallbone park

27th Oct - Rotorua cricket starts

22st Oct - Labour day Rotorua T10 TOURNAMENT

5th Nov - Putaruru HAG 4pm-5pm

7th Nov - Tokoroa HAG 4pm - 5pm Cricket club

31st Oct - Business House Cricket starts 5:30pm - 8pm