The South Waikato Cricket Association was formed in 1956 with J.H.Chambers the first elected president, cricket was in operation before then but as stand alone teams untill the association was formed. South Waikato Cricket Association was part of the Midlands area (now Waikato Valley) with the Major association being, at the time, Waikato Cricket Association (now called Northern Districts)

Cricket flourished in the South Waikato when the population of the district was around 30K people and Tokoroa was 18k. The towns population started to declind with redundances at the Kinleith Mill and currently sits at 12k (SW District 24k)

Cricket in Tokoroa started to dwindle as well and we went from having 8 senior A & 8 senior B grades as well as 26 business house teams down to nothing during the mid 2000. Cricket has started to grow once again with the interest being developed by our national side punching above their weight! We have 1 senior team playing in the Waikato Valley competition and 10 Business house teams along with a strong junior grade. 

The building was moved up to its current location at David Foote Park (old stock car track!) back in 1988.

The committee has vowed to revamp the cricket association building and facilities so to improve what the club can offer members and the wider community.